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DeriMon (translated from Welsh means The Oaks of Anglesey) the name is derived from the fact that our property Deri Isaf (meaning Lower Oaks) is derived from the Welsh name for oak derwen much of this part of Anglesey was an oak forest in times gone by and many place names are linked to this fact.

Smoking and brining is, of course, the original method for preserving food prior to refrigerators and freezers and many properties, including ours, had their own artisnal smoke houses for this purpose. Times have, of course, moved on somewhat and we now smoke for the added flavour rather than for the need to preserve. Today we also have vacuum packing, together with the smoking and brining leading to extended shelf life either in a fridge or freezer.

Our family business is based on several years of smoking for our own family and friends, using our own 400 year old oak shavings and sawdust derived from natural gale damage!! This has now developed into a state of the art smokery, still retaining the traditional recipes, some unique to ourselves, for maximum flavour, but complying with all EU food safety legislation. Be assured that our produce has no chemicals, dyes or artificial flavouring whatsoever.

Being the only remaining smokery on our beautiful island of Anglesey, we are passionate about our business and would love to share this experience with you.

In November 2006 DeriMon was awarded the ‘Small Producer - Silver Award’ in the True Taste of Wales competition for our Anglesey cured smoked back bacon. We are, justifiably, very proud of this accolade and look forward to entering many more of our produce for this and wider competitions in the future.

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