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Amateur Radio Station

Working Amateur Radio Station (GW6MLI)

Come and enjoy some new contacts in the hills of Snowdonia or work QRP from sea level.

Or maybe try out our kite mounted 70cms or 2m blow up antenna sailing above you at 200 ft under a Super Sled kite using a 5w handheld radio. Radio is fun.

A vertical antenna mounted on the roof provides for a connection that can be used for 70cms & 2m at the guest house . HF is catered for by a vertical antenna working on all bands except 160m.

The Dragon Anateur Radio Club was formed about 75 years ago by a group of radio amateurs that yearned for a local club that encouraged it’s membership to use all modes of amateur radio, to experiment with radio, to learn about radio and above all to be friendly and supportive of all of its members.

The group meets twice a month on a Monday night in Anglesea and always welcomes both licensed amateur radio operators and people who have an interest in radio and in particular people who are interested in obtaining an amateur radio license.

We strive to have regular on air evenings, field trips and special event stations, and interesting talks by either members or invited guests.

Have questions about Amateur Radio? Well amongst our membership we have a superb talent base and there will almost certainly be a member that can support you in almost every aspect and mode of Amateur Radio.

So why not pop along and see what "The Dragons" at The Dragon Anateur Radio Club and see what they can offer you?

73's See you down the log.

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Amateur Radio Station

The Dragon Anateur Radio Club meets on Anglesea every other Monday.

It is a radio club that have about 60 members whom enjoy "playing radios" without any political or hidden agenda.

The RF in our radio club stands for “Radio Friendship” and membership is open to all who have the same like minded outlook.

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